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Pink Floyd Night

James Hollingsworth
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On Friday 22 July James launched 'Live at The Bedford', a 3-song EP available exclusively on Bandcamp, featuring Sandro Granda on djembe:

For Twosday 22/02/2022 James remastered and re-released
'Two and Two' on Bandcamp with Sean McBride on saxes, a bluesy canter through a musical question for anyone who's just walked in the room ~ Can You Put Two and Two Together?
 ~ "Great track" - Paul Baker Soundscapes Radio Show.
Download it on Bandcamp, thank you for supporting independent music!

James' 2021 album Thirteen Moons - highlighted a single every new moon, culminating with Privately Minded on 2/2/22 ~ visit the album page for CD's, links etc :-)

James began making music from an early age, mimicking sounds and singing as well as taking lessons with piano and violin, later moving on independently to guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, relearning the piano and most recently, percussion. He tentatively began writing songs from age 12, going on to reach a prodigious output as he entered his 20's and 30's, while moving progressively from folkie/acoustic troubadour ranging the UK with a brief spell as front-man for Bristol-based act JEBO. Since then, James has moved deeper into Blues, Rock and grooves as in time he's come to master both new instruments and new music technology, including live looping, as seen in his Pink Floyd and Psych Rock Nights.

There has always been a dream-like quality to James' music, whether it be found in his lyrics or overtly in his music, reflecting an intuitive openness to the flow of inspiration which he claims drives his often bold and spontaneous style.

"Guitar-Shaman & Sublime Songsmith" - Awen Publications.

A lifelong environmentalist, one of his earliest songs, Last Stand (written in 1989), brought together the idea of a single remaining stand of trees and a final protest against its felling.

"If you like acoustic music with interesting rhythms and narrative lyrics
   then this is for you
" ~ Acoustic Nations

Live at The Bedford, exclusively on

- Click for Thirteen Moons on Bandcamp

photo Yuan Hollingsworth
                        - Click for James' Youtube Channel

Albums on CD

Thirteen Moons (2021)  <== album page

Introducing the remixed, remastered and repackaged version of Thirteen Moons! With many tracks having new instruments and guest performances added, the project grew way beyond a simple remastering job and saw its global release in the very small hours of Friday 12 February 2021.

The album is also available as a very special Limited Edition vinyl-effect CD - housed in Linen Hardback Digipaks, with magnetic closure, in a choice of cream or red fine linen, or 'sand weft' coarse linen, all enclosing a 7-page lyric art booklet. See the album page for all CD options.

Thirteen Moons 2021 Thirteen Moons 2021 Thirteen Moons 2021
Thirteen Moons 2021 Thirteen Moons 2021 Thirteen Moons 2021

More albums on CD

The Final Frontier

CD - £10

Live at the Wunder Bar

CD - £10

Thirteen Moons

hand-made plain card sleeve - £10

(See album page for more options)

                                  and Two EP
Two and Two

CD - £3.50

The Joyful Retuning
The Joyful Returning

CD - £6.50

Precession of The Albums
Precession of the Albums

CD - £5.50

Eight Your Nature
Eight Your Nature

CD - £8

Seventh String
Seventh String

CD - £7

Coming Home to Stay
Coming Home to Stay

CD - £7

Sinking Without You
Sinking Without You

CD - £9

Alive in 2005

CD - £5


CD - £2

                                Way Out
Long Way Out

CD - £10

40 Minutes of Peace
40 Minutes of Peace

CD - £5


CD - £6.50

Improvisations 27
Improvisations 27

CD - £6


"guitar wizard" - 5 Best gigs - The Independent

"Wonderful" - Bath Comedy Festival

"has to be seen..... and heard to be believed" – www.wunderbar.co.uk

"one of the weekend’s highlights." - Andy Read – Winters End Festival

"A popular visit, James' original tunes never fail to impress." - North Devon Gazette

"a true talent, refreshingly inventive and accessible." - The Queen's Head, Monmouth

"a real gem" - Monmouthshire Music

"rich vocals, excellent guitar and great humour" – Get Ready to Rock

"powerful lyrics, haunting melodies and refreshing onstage chat" - TSMRadio.net

"extraordinary vocal, genius guitar player, a consummate performer” - Seend Acoustic

“guitar maestro” - Ragged Trousered Folk, Hastings

"incredibly talented as a vocalist and guitarist." - www.newbristoljazz.co.uk

"amazing voice and a superb songwriter, guitarist and performer." - CICCIC, Taunton

"Guitar-Shaman & Sublime Songsmith" - Garden of Awen

“Amazing” - Visual Radio Arts


"I think you will love this CD from what must be one of the best song writers in the country."
- Bristol Rocks

"Honest, down to earth meaningful lyrics. The world needs more music like this."
- Folk Blues and Beyond

“a blissfully original sound." - Lemonrock

“If it wasn’t for the excellent production I’d believe that these tracks were recorded on a portable tape in a mountain forest in a single afternoon”- Dave Urwin, Live Music Scene

“a master of inflection, a major vocal+songwriting talent combination” - Van Casey

“James Hollingsworth is UNIQUE and dare I go out on a limb, I don't think he has an equal”
- Eden of Albuquerque

“Hollingsworth paints canvas with his songs, there is something almost visual about them”
- FATEA Records

“Powerful performances, distinctive songwriting, a prog-rock sensibility pared down to the acoustic... and perfect production. Brilliant!"

"He's an excellent and frenetic fingerpicker reminiscent of John Fahey." - Acoustic Music.

“His live vocals are better than many artists' studio vocals." - www.rambles.net

The only comparison I can readily make, is to the voice of Tim Buckley, and this is something I do not suggest glibly." - Woven Wheat Whispers

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