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"The Universe is a Musical Construct. Everything in the Universe vibrates. Everything. There is nothing in the Universe which does not vibrate. We can almost say that there is nothing in the Universe except vibration" - Dale Pond introducing the work of John Worrell Keely

iTunes_link_7SNapster_logorhapsody_logocd_baby_logoSeventh String (2007)

Seventh String was released on 07/07/07 and comprises 7 songs, all with a distinctive intimate acoustic feel that James felt reflected best the excellent quote from Polly Gabriel:

"James's voice is like a seventh string on his guitar, it's uncanny how well the two intermingle with each other and the effect is captivating."

Seven what?! Always drawn as an artist by the idea of significant coincidence, James was inspired by this compliment to release this album, on the 7th July 2007, choosing a neat price of £7. Qualities attributed to the number seven throughout history include it being lucky as well as spiritual. Pythagoras, the classical Greek mathematician and musician is reputed to have loved the potential of the number, which of course is the number of discrete notes in the Western musical (Diatonic) scale. In the Jewish tradition it represents purification and freedom. Despite not being Jewish, these are concepts lying at the heart of James' music, and it is interesting to note that that 7th July 2007 fell on a Saturday, the seventh day (of rest) in the Jewish week. James participated in a benefit gig to raise awareness of Climate Change, thereby giving the Seven Environmental Thematic Strategies adopted by the EU in 2002 a curious resonance.

The opening track, Taken Down includes the beautiful sound of the flute as played by Sean McBride.

The motif of the number seven continues through to the album artwork, with seven seven-sided mandalas, each representing a different side to the dynamic psyche (Carl Jung said that Mandalas represented the Self), and the album contains lyrical references concerning visual and cyclic patterns.

A world turns upside down, but then comes full-circle, to be reborn in wiser form.

Both Taken Down and Write it on the Door appeared on the cassette release December Demo, which circulated among James' friends from December 1991. Another song, What about Now? was re-recorded and released on the album Long Way Out. Other tracks have been regulars at James' live shows for several years, therefore these recordings are of mature and developed arrangements.

The first 107 CD copies of Seventh String were individually numbered, signed and dated as at the day of being hand-made by James himself. The CD, with 8-page booklet, is available for £7 at James' gigs, or see opposite to buy via Paypal. Click the album cover pic, right, for a close-up.Download James' music from Soundclick

The album is available for mp3 download of just $2.99 (128 kbps) from Soundclick.

Song Title Written Album Recorded mp3 clip Lyrics
Taken Down Dec 91 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
This is It Apr 01 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
No News is Bad News Nov 98 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
Write it on the Door Oct 91 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
Zen Oct 98 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
Grace under Pressure Jun 00 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read
Quieter Lifetime Feb 03 Seventh String 2007 Listen Read

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Quieter Lifetime ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

RFSW (Radio Free South West)

Top 10 Songs on Radio Free South West, May 2009

It is your votes that determine the Top 10 ratings each month. So feel free to cast yours while you are listening to Radio Free South West by giving a track either a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Congratulations to Bath based band Slovakia who move up three places this month to take the number one spot with their track Part of The Factory.

The Starkadders take the number two spot with their track Broken Hill.

James Hollingsworth takes the number three spot with his track Quieter Lifetime. James is influenced by Roy Harper and John Martyn amongst others. James was described by The Independent as a ‘guitar wizard’. You can catch him live on 29 May - 21:00 at Monty’s Brasserie, Cheltenham and then on 3 Jun - 21:00 at Finn M’Coul’s, Falmouth.

Thank you for voting! Thank you for listening!


Seventh String album cover art

Buy now direct from James using secure online billing with Paypal for £7.77 including postage.

Seventh String album cover art

Seventh String album cover art

Seventh String album cover art

Seventh String album cover art

Seventh String album cover art

Seventh String album cover art

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