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Floyd Night

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"James never fails to surprise and delight with his many-textured music. Always a great favourite"   - Seend Acoustic          More Quotes

The Final Frontier  (2014) 

'The Final Frontier' is a compilation of songs named for the show of the same name broadcast on Monday 9 June by FromeFM. James featured on the Final Frontier show (96.6FM, or listen online) and they discussed his music career, influences and songs.

After the enthusiastic reception of his cd demo to the hosts, James decided to release it as an album, with hand-drawn sleeves (see right), and an appropriately far-out choice of songs:

1. Rain (previously unreleased)
2. Dervish (from Precession of the Albums)
3. Rumi (from Eight Your Nature)
4. Way Down South (from Coming Home to Stay)
5. Clouds Begin their Reign (from 13 Moons)
6. Some Say (from 13 Moons)
7. Saturn Ruin (from 13 Moons)
8. Eternity (from Coming Home to Stay)
9. As Ghosts Reveal (from Live at the Wunder Bar)
10. This Mote in Heaven (from Adventures in Loopland v1.0)
11. On the Run for Nothing (from Alive in 2005)
12. Mothership (from 13 Moons)

running time ~ 70 mins

"Final Frontier is set to bring you the cutting edge of the many and uncountable genres of music, interviews and exclusive airings of rising stars. We will focus on the local scene, but might drift off in any time/spatial direction imaginable so keep your seat belts on!" - FromeFM

Final Frontier

Live at the Wunder Bar

'Live at The Wunder Bar' photos by Ryan Sanders

Self-Portrait - 1992

Live at the Wunder

'Live at The Wunder Bar' photos by Ryan Sanders

Cave Canyon

The Final Frontier
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 'The Final Frontier'
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